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Available for delivery in APROX 2WEEKS from the date of the order(excluding shipping times)  

Necklace in white bronze with zircons, handmade by the designer all is MADE IN ITALY.  

3 OVALS CRYSTAL SILVER  are made with the technique of the “LOST WAX” any imperfections characterizes and emphasizes the uniqueness of the piece. 


Price 400€ + shipping 


Every creation is handmade,  therefore unique, and this may lead to small differences from the images. They are bronze made with gold, silver and pink finish using the "lost wax" technic and / or "tunnel in slab" completely Made in Italy. The feature of these metal alloys, also called "metalli vivi", could bring to small alteration when they get in contact with air, chemical agents and / or the different Ph of the skins. For this reason they could leave some color oxidation in the skin that will be easily removable with water. 

Eventuali piccole differenze rispetto alle immagini esprimono l’unicità di ogni creazione e la loro realizzazione è in bronzo finitura colore oro, argento e rosa. 
La lavorazione Made in Italy è  artigianale, ed avviene attraverso la tecnica del traforo o cera persa.
Queste leghe metalliche sono "metalli vivi",   possono subire alterazioni a contatto con l’aria, con il PH cutaneo e/o con agenti chimici e quindi rilasciare delle ossidazioni di colore sulla pelle facilmente rimovibile con l’acqua.

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