I was born in Rome and brought up between Italy and Spain I was influenced by the symbols, forms, colors, cultures of the countries that I lived in and visited.  My passion for travel, developed in my early childhood, was the spur to take on a creative path while my inexhaustible desire for knowledge was the engine. With a degree in Architecture, I completed my education in Seville - Andalusia, Spain where my work as Architect-Designer was born and continued in Barcelona, Spain. Since 2006 my work as a designer begins and I launch my first jewel collection that is shapes by an ethnic-contemporary study, deepened in the course of my travels. Given the success and interest that my jewellery line is having, my work was noticed and valued by numerous magazines such as Vogue Gioiello,Vogue Accessory,Vogue Sposa, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan or movie actress like: Laura Pausini, Kelly Rutterford, Cristina Chiabotto. Chiara BCN’s creations are exhibited in the various department-stores ,jewellery and concept-stores in Rome, Milan, Capri, Ibiza, Formentera, New York. The collections that bear the brand Chiara BCN are from Barcelona, the chosen to point of the beginning of this journey. 

CHIARA BCN'S jewels are both traditional & contemporary ,the designer uses a whole of semiprecious materials and it surprises for the unexpected combination of stones, of plexiglass , of metallic leagues and the very light silver chains with the keishi sea-pearls.

CHIARA BCN definitely draws for a woman who is well defined personal style, its creations go beyond the ephemeral, beyond the first impact, it looks as they could be born from the human body becoming part of it once worne.